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Title: Town Red
Author: [livejournal.com profile] _aurum
Genre: humour
Rating: PG
Word count: 426
Summary: Getting dressed - more dangerous than you would've thought.
Notes: Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] cloverbooks prompt "Tonight, let's paint the town red." It's a part of my Superhero Club universe, or actually the first thing I managed to write in it, and it's not even about the main characters...

"What about this one?"

Erica sighed as yet another t-shirt was shoved in front of her long-suffering face.

"It's okay."

The face which replaced the shirt looked decidedly unimpressed.

"Well, they're all okay! But take this one," she amended hurriedly, eager to be done with picking out her roommate's outfit for the evening. God knew why she had to be included in that process. At least they'd already decided on a skirt.

"No way," the other girl flung the offending piece of clothing across the room. It landed on a printer, knocking down a box of tissues. "It'd take forever to get the stains out of it later."

Erica honestly didn't want to know. She'd perfected this art during the past two years of living with Veronica. Most of the time it was better not to know what she had in mind. (It was only better to know in one case: when she was about to order some food for them. Erica preferred to eat things proven to be palatable and safe for consumption, thank you very much.)

She went back to reading her book, trying to ignore the fact that Veronica seemed to decide on a dark red shirt and was now examining the collection of knives and sharp things hidden in her drawer. When she started to fasten a dagger to her thigh with some kind of a leather strap, Erica felt obligated to intervene.

"Nicky," she said, sitting up on her bed and preparing to defend herself against possibly flying knives. "You know, when he said 'Let's paint the town red', I don't think he actually meant 'with blood'," she pointed out gently.

Nicky looked up and her face fell. "He didn't?"


"Damn, and I had such hopes for the evening!" She flailed her arms a little in dismay (thankfully by that time she wasn't holding any sharp things). Then she looked at the clock, swore quietly and proceeded to actually dress in the things they'd picked out.

Before she ran out the room, Erica managed to concentrate and the dagger fastened to her roommate's leg lifted up into the air (slightly unsteadily, but nobody suffered!) and slowly flew towards her desk.

The girl paused on her way out. "Aww, Ricky!" she pouted.

"Have fun, Nicky," she replied, making a vague gesture with her hand, already preoccupied mostly with her book.

"I'll try." Nicky wiggled her fingers in the air and shut the door.

The dagger landed safely on the desk. (Well, it may have lightly scratched the surface, but nobody minded.)



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